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Procedural Animation

Procedural Creature Animations

We built out a system using Unity and their Animation Rigging package for procedurally animating creatures. We plan on using this system in our current major game to have all of our creatures procedurally animated.

Shorts / Cut Scenes

The Necrowmancer

The Necrowmancer was made in Unity HDRP for the Moving Meditations Challenge by Pwnisher. It was a great exercise in quickly developing a short and also allowed me to work on models (MagicaVoxel), art, and animations for our unannounced game.

Solar Charged Panic

A looping short created in Unity HDRP for the Rokoko Perfect Loop Challenge. This animation allowed us to use all of our skills and knowledge of Unity from modeling/rigging in Blender, making shaders, using Unity's newer raytracing solutions, and both motion captured and procedural animations

Test Cutscene

This short was created to practice Cinemachine and Timeline in Unity URP. It also allowed us to work on our low poly modeling pipeline and shaders for foliage. We were able to take a bit of a deep dive on grass - trying to recreate some of the "Breath of the Wild" grass look.